SnuffleMate 60CM x 30CM LARGE Level 1


Comes in bright colours of pastel camouflage, paw print, cow print, purple, blue and a whole lot more! Drop us a note to personalise for your pup!

Designed by a Fear Free Certified Veterinarian and handmade with love.
Use the SnuffleMate to make mealtimes more exciting, stimulating and fun for your pet dogs and cats.

Foraging, hunting and seeking are instinctive behaviours for dogs and cats. It is the thrill or the pursuit of the food that is more satisfying than the food itself.

Brilliant to beat boredom and also helps to slow down fast eaters.

Directions for use:
1. Put the SnuffleMate on the floor and drop kibble, meat or treats on top of the fleece strips.
2. Ask your pet to “find it”.
3. Next, hide the kibble, meat or treats between the fleece strips so your pet has to hunt for them.
4. Happy Sniffing and Snuffling!

Important: Remove the mat after each meal through an exchange with something higher in value. Replace with a new SnuffleMate when pieces are torn or worn. Use under supervision; fleece strips and base if chewed off are a choking hazard.

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water and rinse thoroughly. Hang out to dry. Not suitable for tumble drying or dry cleaning.


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