Sootherpad- Disc Level 1


SootherPad can be used as an alternative to a food bowl thus making meal times more exciting!
The act of licking is calming and soothing for your dog and also helps to slow them down during meal times. A similar portion in a bowl can be finished in 10 secs while a portion spread out on the SootherPad can take 10 minutes.
SootherPad can be also be used during shower time or grooming thus making these essential but often dreaded activities more enjoyable! Your dog is likely to start following you into the shower so showers may soon become a favourite past time.
Directions for use:
Spread soft foods or press down smaller pieces of harder treats or meat pieces into the mat surface. For an added challenge, the SootherPad can be put into the freezer for 2-4 hours before giving it to your dog.
Remove the SootherPad after meals to prevent unnecessary destruction of the SootherPad as it not a toy. Wash and clean with regular dishwashing detergent. Dishwasher safe.

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