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Our Story

We are proud pawrents of dogs and cats who love to eat, chew and gnaw. We want to satisfy that natural chewing behaviour and direct it to suitable delicious and nutritious chews. No more destructive rumaging of the house in search of things to chew. In our experience, these inappropriate items like wood bits from furniture, plastic from children’s toys, magnets,doll’s hair, electric wires, human legs or shoes can give us pawrents stressful days and sleepless nights! But we recognise, chewing is a natural behaviour and we want to encourage it as chewing is a great way to reduce anxiety and boredom and also releases endorphins (feel-good hormones).

Doggie founder of Chew Good: Solomon

Solomon is the driving force behind this venture. Solomon lives for 2 things in life- our love for him and food. He also LOVES to chew. To keep him from wanting to follow each of us whenever we have to leave the house, he is given a chew that occupies his mind and time. To keep him away from chewing household items that can be hazard to him, we give him a longer lasting chew to exercise his jaws and occupy his time.

For his daily learning, we use our training chews that are suitable for breaking into small pieces and are tasty and delicious enough to be motivating for learning. For his regular meals, to slow him down, he is no longer fed from a food bowl, but only from feeding toys such as Kongs, Lickimats and Snuffle mats. Check out our feeding tools section for Solomon’s top favourites.

Staying clear of synthetic chews, going all-natural

Sourcing for good quality, natural chew products with no nasties has been challenging. We prefer to stay clear of synthetic chews made from plant material and flavourings or synthetic materials like nylon. Natural chews made from animal products contain nutrients, vitamins and minerals similar to what our pets need in their diet.

These chews are not meant to replace a normal well balanced diet, but can be used to supplement or be part of an already high quality daily diet. Unlike cooked bones which may splinter and cause obstruction, or raw bones that have a high risk of contamination, our chews have undergone an age old established preservation process of dehydration where moisture is drawn out of the product thus inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and also rendering it with a different texture and flavour from the original product.

Finding the right chew for
your buddy is important

Our chews have been processed and dried in accredited processing facilities in Australia. First, determine their chewing ability. Second, check if there are any food allergies. Third, check with your vet on the teeth condition. Once you have found the right chew, introduce one type and observe for any allergies which may be manifested as itching, vomiting or diarrhea.

Ensure that the chewing process is always supervised and if there are any remnant knobs left which could pose a choke hazard, do an exchange with something higher in value and remove that remnant piece. You can be sure to find at least one chew suitable for your buddy regardless of age or size. Happy exploring our range and pamper your buddies with our delicious chews.

Owner of Chew Good

Dr. Liang Xutian

Doting mum to 3 adopted dogs and 3 adopted cats, I strive to provide the best for my pets in all aspects of their lives- nutritionally, medically and emotionally. The products available on Chew Good are products tried and tested by my beloved pets and I am proud to bring them to you too.

Photo Credit

Dr. Chua Yang

Dr Chua Yang is a consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist and a passionate advocate for health and happiness. She volunteers her time bringing healthcare to many under-served communities in the world and is one of the director of a non-profit organization, Global Clinic. She is also on the board of directors of Babes, a local charity that supports pregnant teenagers. She is a Leica Ambassador and an avid street photographer.

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