Kangaroo Jerky (150grams)


Kangaroo jerky sheets are thin pieces of kangaroo meat. They come in various sizes from small broken pieces to bigger sheets. These dog treats can be broken apart therefore they also make a fantastic training treat or a quick snack. Add in they are extremely low fat and you are on to a big winner here. These are extremely popular training treats with many of our customer’s dogs absolutely loving them. They are high in antioxidants, the highest level of Omega 3 versus, lamb, beef & pork treats. Containing a high have a concentration of natural B12 Vitamin for cell renewal. In addition, if your dog has a risk of Pancreatitis or has Pancreatitis these treats will be great for your dog as they are lean and low-fat (<2%).

Kangaroo Meat
Metabolisable Energy (Kcal/100g): 325. Minimum Protein %: 47. Minimum Fat %: 2

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